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THE "OFF-GRID" WHICH EXISTS ... (by night)    ... OR DON'T EXIST ?!  (by day)
In this site, we want to propose photovoltaic storages systems that rely solely on lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePo4), which can be considered the best technology currently available for lithium-ion batteries. The exclusive feature is that they work "off grid" during evening hours and during the night, while during the day they normally work connected to the power grid.
Our storage plants have the peculiarity to be added in parallel to the normal photovoltaic system, whether the plant is already in existence and whether it is newly installed. As illustrated in the following functional diagram, they are installed on the post-production side (AC side) and thus allow direct handling of the 220V loads as needed.

 During the day, the photovoltaic plant continues to operate connected to the grid and exchanges energy based on photovoltaic production and instantaneous consumption,such as a normal photovoltaic system. Part of the energy produced in excess of the time consumed (the one that exceeds a programmable power threshold) is designed to recharge the batteries.
When you arrive at the user-selected timetable during the installation phase, the operating mode switches to "off-grid" ie the system is completely disconnected from the grid and works as an off-grid system without any network pick-up but only from batteries . This mode ends the next morning, when photovoltaic production begins to trace and is able to cover the average consumption of utilities.
The management of storage functions is carried out by inverter (with integrated charger function) of Swiss production (Studer Innotec), which are fully programmable in their operating parameters. They can therefore be configured for use in single-phase or three-phase systems and can be customized according to user requirements. By installing a special module, remote monitoring and programming can be carried out via the internet portal.
The energy storages we propose do not have standardized fixed sizes and do not require the installation of additional solar panels in order to function. But they have to be sized based on average daily consumption in the  evenng and night hours.
Alternatively, you can sizing it based on your spending budget. Thanks to the ability to handle up to 3 inverters in parallel (in co-ordinated or independent mode) it is possible to predict future expansion of the installed storage facilities, with few modifications.
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