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"Solar Power 24" was born in December 2014 from an idea of engineer Bussolino Roberto. Following the publication of Resolution 574-14 by the Electricity and Gas Authority (AEEG) on November 20, 2014 (a regulation that allows to add storages to photovoltaic residential plants also if are grid connected), it is looking for installers able to add accumulation to their photovoltaic plant or component manufacturers adequate. With the experience gained in the equipment of an electric scooter with lithium iron phosphate cells in lieu of old lead-acid batteries, the choice was only directed towards lithium batteries. The few proposed solutions were all based on non-customizable, non-configurable standard builds to become a real accumulation of electricity and not just a UPS with a few hours of autonomy. Another not negligible aspect was the costs, definitely too high.
It is therefore the idea of becoming a direct supplier of lithium-based photovoltaic builders, starting a business and installation assistance business, open to individuals, businesses and installers who want to offer it to their customers. After more than two years of preparation, in September 2017 we are ready to be truly operational in supplying components, design and consulting for the installation of photovoltaic storage systems in new plants or for retrofitting of existing, totally innovative, alongside traditional energy consulting and photovoltaic plant design.

The proposed storage systems are based on lithium iron phosphate cells capable of providing over 13,000 cycles, experimentally tested, and on Swiss made inverters with integrated function of battery  charger. The latter are equipped with all programmable parameters and can be modified remotely via the WEB, allowing optimum handling of the charge battery profile, whatever the size. The main exclusive feature of our plants is that they are connected to the public power grid and operate under grid energy exchange like any photovoltaic system, during the day, but are totally disconnected from the grid and operate "off-grid" during evening and night, by taking the energy consumed by the users exclusively from the batteries. Another exclusive feature is that the installed battery packs have customizable storage capacities based on actual user consumption. For instance one of the most common problems of electric car owners is that they want to recharge the batteries that equips cars with the energy produced by their photovoltaic plants, but that charging is possible only in the evening or at night when the implant it does not produce. With an storage based on fuel consumption in these hours and a suitable photovoltaic system you can really recharge it with self-produced and renewable energy. Standard accumulation sizes range from 2 to about 35 kWh to allow full car recharge in one night, even in case of average daytime running over 200 km. The results obtained on one-phase residential real-estate applications that have been made as a prototype during a development lasting more than one year show performance beyond expectations and, above all, suggest promising future developments. For example, battery packs showed a real accumulation capacity higher than the nominal value and photovoltaic systems with accurately balanced accumulation based on productivity and consumption show that they can run at 100% self-consumption rates for most of the year.
All cells are charged individually as the first charge in our laboratories before delivery to the customer, so that battery packs are ready for use and perfectly balanced.

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